4 comments on “Designing



    i prefer the first!

    and of course if some (censored) keep insisting that black is uncool then go with the second…

    The third one really gives me and impression of a black hole which is ready to suck all things which come closer… -______-” kayaknya bawa sial.. apalagi kalo loe kesananya pake kapal


    wah udah di approve toh… -______-” ya udah lah.. good luck!! it really suits you 😛

    masih mending bunder2 gak jelas itu daripada pelangi2 jambaksos 2008 kayaknya hehehehehe…

    • Sensor dikit yak lys
      Hahah yaudahlah yang penting udah kelar sekarang…mesti proyek gw sendiri kali yak biar bisa item-item, hoho

  2. Bahaha di sensorrrrrrrrrrrrrr hoohoho…

    but still.. why the third one?? choose the second please..

    eh udah naik cetak? iat dong hahahaha…

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