5 comments on “In Order to Kill the Time: Curi Dengar

  1. I like your writing. You’re a good writer. And nice to know that you’re a lomo lover too [:

    Aryakuro replied:
    tx! a pleasure for me to know it..heheh..

  2. Hey. (:
    Nice to know that u’ve replied my cmment
    why didnt you update ur blog?
    Tho i really cant understand too much
    But ur blog surely can make me laugh my ass off
    Since you good in lomo
    Tell me which one is better
    1)Holga 35 mm pinhole
    2)Fisheye no. 2
    30Diana + Edelweiss Edition
    4) Diana + Fisheye lens

    let me know okay~

    Aryakuro replied:
    haha, now I’m kind of busy with something and stuff, esp for my study…Actually, it is depend on what type of effect do you want…
    1. for Holga, I dont know much about it, but if it’s said pinhole, the fact that I know, the light from where your object is captured, will go into your camera through a hole as small as pinhole…and for Holga, its characteristics are more lightleaks, more dramatic contrast than Diana…
    2. for Fisheye no.2, it is unique because you will have a round circle photo, the interesting bulb mode and multiple exposures, you can do so much creations with that..
    3+4. for Diana, for each edition, the effect is still the same, Diana’s characteristics are vintage, dreamy blurry image, less contrast than Holga..it has so much lenses you can change, incl. fisheye lense which the effect is same as like fisheye no.2, combined with Diana’s effect..

    but one thing you should know, the film you use also give some effects, whether they are 120mm or 35mm format, slide film which gives you more contrast and unique stuff (eventhough you use Diana, yo can do more contrast with this film), or you can use red scale or b/w film..so much options…

    for my opinion, I prefer to use Diana F+ and Colorsplash, but again, it’s your right to choose, since everybody’s liking is different from each other…you should check http://www.lomography.com for further lomo infos, or just googling it up! goodluck! :p

  3. tanx
    i didnt expact that ure gonna reply me that long
    anyhoos thanks lots
    salam dr malaysia

    Aryakuro replied:
    yap, you’re welcome, hope it can help you…salam dari Indonesia..

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