2 comments on “Okay, other clones again… (updated)

  1. heyy, that’s cool. u can hv good picts since 1st roll. my 1st n 2nd rolls are doomed! i’m really sad. i’m really confused. well the motto DON’T THINK JUST SHOOT can’t make me that confident to take pictures. i’m still confused how to take picts when i use N or B or pinhole. Should i click the shutter for a second or wait for a moment? can u teach me? 😀

    Aryakuro membalas:
    haha, thanx…mmm, I think I dont have any kind of rights to teach you something since I’m not a pro yet…but maybe I can suggest something about that N, B, pinhole stuffs…

    you can use N mode when there’s enough light in areas you take for the shots, like if you are in a beach and the sun shines very bright, etc…for B mode, you can use it for situation like indoor event which there’s insufficient light, or if you are going to capture distant object…and you can keep holding the shutter as long as you want, until you surely feel enough light comes in already, from my experience it’s about 15-30 mins…..and also make sure when you keep holding the shutter, your hands are not shaking, better you put the camera on the flat surface or with tripod, so it will be more stable…and last for pinhole mode, there’s no need to think the distance stuffs, and we can do the pinhole shots with both of N or B mode…since for pinhole mode we must take the lens off, so the light will come in through the very small hole like pinhole…

    And the most important thing you must remember, the 120 mm film is less sensitive to the light, so you must make sure if there’s enough light while you take the shots…

    I hope these can be useful, I’m looking forward to see your shots! goodluck then with your Diana!! ganbatte kudasai!!! 😀

  2. wow your shots are great and i’m so jealous.
    sebenernya i have no idea tentang lomo tp saya sangat tertarik dan mau beli tapi sedihnya saya juga bingung apa bedanya holga sm diana? can you tell me? dan belinya dmn ya?
    terima kasih

    heheh, tx…kbetulan masih nyoba2 gw..mm setau gw kalo holga hasilnya bakal lebih tajem, gampangnya kalo lo naikin kontras di photoshop deh, heheh, lightleaknya (warna cahaya yang bocor di fotonya) lebih banyak..nah kalo diana dia lebih dreamy blur gitu, kesan jadulnya lebih dapet, trus udah sekalian kamera pinhole juga…gitu deh, gabung di lomonesia@yahoogroups.com aja biar bisa nanya-nanya biar gak bingung…oke?

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